Meditation Continues

When your hair is a mess but you’re in a good mood. 🙂 Tomorrow is the last day of the meditation challenge I participated in and posted about a while ago. I must admit it took a few days—maybe more than a few to get adjusted to making the time to quiet my mind and focus and actually mediate. I would probably say that is what I am most proud about. My mind freaking wanders!!! Miles a minute. So slowing down and clearing it to focus my intentions in meditation continues to be something I am working on.

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Fitness FAQ

My Top 5 FA(Fitness)Q

1. What do you like about working out?

A: I didn’t always. I reluctantly started for aesthetic purposes. Mainly because I wanted a bigger butt. (Haha) but after consistently putting in the work, and seeing the results, I got hooked. What I love most about fitness is the transformational opportunities we are ALL capable of. Mentally and physically. It has taught me discipline, and patience. It’s also a damn good stress reliever if you ask me.


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Have you ever looked back on a picture and be like ” I wish I would’ve done my eyebrows!!” ?? LOL! I was so happy, that I just took this picture to remember the moment. I’m all about moments and memories. Anyway. I like the way the sun was coming in the car and how it created a shadow and highlight on my face and I thought it was dope, so….. Now you find me… Sharing! 🙂 Hope everyone’s had some smiles today. There is always a reason to smile, and if you don’t have one… MAKE ONE!! 😉

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been. ” -Mark Twain