Keisy is a certified Master Trainer, Sports Nutrition Consultant and Active-Isolated Stretch Practitioner. Specializing in combining Unconventional Strength and High Intensity Interval Training, she is known for creatively enhancing traditional methods. Work outs challenge and engage the muscle groups at a deeper level, while incorporating fundamentals for balance, posture, and flexibility. She is genuinely passionate about helping her clients unlock their transformational capabilities, build healthier lifestyle habits, and get closer to a better version of themselves day after day. Whether you’re looking to lose or gain weight, overcome your work out “plateau,” enhance sports performance, or recondition after injury, she is dedicated to using motivational discipline to help you exceed your goals!


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“I’ve tried all kinds of personal trainers and fitness programs, and training with Keisy is by far my favorite. She understands my goals and knows what is best for my body. It is easy to get bored when you train on your own and slack off. With Keisy’s program, I don’t feel that way. She thinks outside the box, and as a result makes fitness FUN. She knows how to get you the results you want, without being miserable. I never dreaded the workouts, and her accountability is priceless. Each session is a welcomed challenge!” ~Diana B.

“Keisy is an amazing trainer. She really wants nothing but the best for you. Every training session is different and this is what I like best about going to her. Keisy wants to ensure you reach your goals and stay on track. On the days I do not train with her, I receive either an itemized workout procedure or videos of different workouts. Even on a bad day she encourages you to workout and put your best foot forward. She provided me with great snack options and better food choices to eat. As said earlier, I look forward to her sessions because its something new. Definitely try her out.” ~Rae F.

“As a boxer, I have many different workouts I have to do in order to prepare for my next fight. Keisy manages to get several of these workouts into one training session. I’ve seen results within a matter of weeks when training with her. She has helped me develop my core training that I can implement in the ring. She’s helped me improve my endurance and stamina as well. She asks me what I need and then delivers.” ~Maruf A.

“Keisy spends her energy on making sure I reach my goals, she pushes me to do my best. AND! She sends me workout videos to do when I’m working out on my own. She has come by the grocery store to help me shop for the proper food items I need and she has helped me meal prep. I cant wait until I’m summer time fine. I’m feeling more energized and I’m looking forward to my sessions with her.” ~Sarah T.

It took me awhile to find a trainer that I felt identified with my personal weight struggle. Unlike the majority of the female fitness community, I struggle with weight gain and maintaining a consistent and effective workout regimen was challenging for me. The first thing that stood out about Keisy was our similarities. Her personal journey inspired me and her fitness style was appealing. After selecting my preferred fitness program, Keisy trained me virtually for 6 weeks. Her program was custom tailored to meet my fitness goals and included meal suggestions.  She checked in regularly and required a photo review after every workout. She was motivating without being intimidating and always gave honest feedback that pushed me even harder.  She set realistic expectations and understood my workout challenges and made adjustments when necessary.  Virtual training requires a certain level of personal accountability, but it takes a special kind of trainer to pull out your best through phone calls, facetime and emails. I’m so thankful Keisy took the time to work with me.  She helped me get me closer to my fitness goals while developing healthy habits. ~Brianna Countee (Virtual Client)


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