Building Curves

Living proof of the misconception most women have about lifting weights and incorporating strength training into their routines. There’s absolutely nothing masculine about my physique–and I lift HEAVY. In fact, lifting weights has CREATED curves in my case. Thank goodness I no longer look like a stick figure!! So for all you cardio queens that steer away from the weights because you think you’re going to bulk up, nothing happens over night!! It is pretty challenging to build muscle, and it most definitely takes time. The beautiful thing about it is that you can adjust your workouts based on your results…pretty great for the inner control freak in all of us.


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Jazzy Precious Paws

Anyone that really knows me knows that my dog, Honey, is virtually the love of my life. And anyone that knows me also knows that I’m a sucker for a woman about her business. As cliche as it sounds, Andrea is ridiculously beautiful inside and out. Great heart, sweeter than sweet and super easy on the eyes. On top of it she OWNS and RUNS a pet boutique and spa. So, of course I had to bring my Honey Bear there to support her business and I was thoroughly impressed. Located in a prime location in Midtown Atlanta, she has her own pet spray collection, offers an array of pet spa services and also sells clothing and accessories. I am more than proud of her. I absolutely love to see someone follow their passions and not only follow them, but to see them through. Very inspirational.



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I’m absolutely enamored with how every single thing in the universe is connected in some way shape or form. Nothing is by mistake. Nothing is by coincidence. There is a reason and a lesson behind every encounter, every experience, every single thing. The exact reason may not even be meant to be known, but should always be appreciated. We are here because we all have a purpose. We all have some divine way to fit into this puzzle of a reality. And we are all meant to enjoy the little gifts of perspective we collect along the way. This view was meant to be seen at the exact moment I saw it. Not only did I feel overwhelmed by the beauty, but I also felt comforted by the sheer fact that it was perfectly aligned with what I needed to see at that very moment. I do not know my exact purpose. Sometimes it bothers me. Sometimes I’m presented with reminders that it’s okay that I don’t. Some are not meant to know where the finish line is, and some already do. But sure enough, just when I need it, I am reminded that instead of focusing on the final destination, you must enjoy the ride, and that puts my soul at ease. Don’t overlook blessings in disguise. They are everywhere.

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Personal vs. Internal

A lesson that is continuously finding its way into my life and awareness. Maybe because I haven’t fully accepted and committed to it…yet. From one of my all time recommended books The Four Agreements, which I’ve read twice and refer back to from time to time, I would say this is the hardest agreement… For me at least. I feel so deeply. I don’t always show it, but I do. I also make it a point to always be polite to people. Whether we’re friends, acquaintances, or strangers. I may not be the most outgoing or sociable person but I am always, always, always polite, whether I personally care for you or not. Manners have been instilled in me since I can remember and my parents till this day remind me of the fundamentals like I haven’t heard them for the past 26 years of my life. I’m a self proclaimed hippie, and my close friends tease me about it, but I really just want to spread love man. I want to see everyone around me doing well, and I also push and encourage my loved ones because I too enjoy that support. I have a hard time grasping the concept of truly being in negative competition with someone. Friendly, maybe but to the core jealous competition? Don’t get it. I believe there’s a lane for everyone because I believe that we all have our own path.  (more…)

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Alter the Brain

I am constantly having to get my clothes altered. Its always difficult for me to find the “perfect fit” just off the rack-especially bottoms. Made me think. I’m sure plenty of people deal with the same dilemma. Is it realistic to even think that real people can fit into cookie cutter sizes? Things made for mass distribution come in precut sizes and we beat ourselves up because we don’t fit in that standard size like it’s advertised. When most of the time things are pinched in the back at shoots, or safety pinned, or even altered for runway shows and commercials. Just another example of false advertisement and brain washing the masses and promoting dysfunction. I have experienced first hand countless people stressing over the face value number or size of their clothing. For what?!



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Breathe Again

Thought this was pretty cool. I wasn’t able to come out, but this was shown at the Houston Rockets game last night for fan appreciation night. Glad to be able to be apart of and bring awareness to the Breathe Again Campaign.

Breathe Again is a grassroots movement that bridges the gap between races and people. It is our responsibility to start a conversation about the divide that falls along racial lines.

Read more about the campaign at


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Leg & Glute Inspo

Leg & Glute exercises you may not be doing !! :)

1. Cling & Romanian Deadlift Combo
These are exhaustingly amazing. Technically they’re two different work outs but are effortlessly combined as shown. Eh, I take back effortlessly. Being that this is a compound movement, your whole body will reap the benefits. I did say exhausting right? But the good kind. Form is most important so I definitely suggest taking baby steps if you’re unfamiliar with the motion. Gotta start somewhere right? Start with the bar and work your way up to a comfortable, yet challenging weight. Plant those feet and focus that weight in your heels, maintain a flat/straight back and always keep your chest up. In life, but especially when performing this exercise to avoid injury. Safety first.

2. Deep Sumo Front Squat
Front squats are great because they don’t put as much pressure on your spine like the traditional behind the neck version. I also feel like they target that backside a little better, but that just may be me. I have found them to be a little more challenging so don’t be concerned if you’re not pushing as much weight as you can doing it the traditional way. I don’t know if I’m partial to anything sumo because I’m half Japanese or because I’m obsessed with leg and glute exercises, either way…I loves em. Sumo basically means that your feet are going to be wider than shoulder width apart with the toes pointing slightly outwards. Always always always push through your heels and drop it low, baby! The term is ass to grass!! I recommend doing these on a smith machine to take less pressure off your chest and collar bone, and I like to use a pad because yes, I’m a wuss.

3. Backwards Wide Squat Walk
I really do appreciate a easily manipulated exercise that can be done virtually anywhere. They basically sell themselves. Sometimes I put a resistance band around my ankles when I’m working out alone and you can also add ankle weights as well for that extra oomph. Mix it up! Here, I am pulling my trainer for added resistance because mama needs a new pair of buns. Spread those feet wide, get down low, and keep that chest up, and anticipate that burn!!

Sharing is caring, so try these out next time because who wants to always be doing the same thing ?! Stay fit my friends !!!

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Meditation Continues

When your hair is a mess but you’re in a good mood. :) Tomorrow is the last day of the meditation challenge I participated in and posted about a while ago. I must admit it took a few days—maybe more than a few to get adjusted to making the time to quiet my mind and focus and actually mediate. I would probably say that is what I am most proud about. My mind freaking wanders!!! Miles a minute. So slowing down and clearing it to focus my intentions in meditation continues to be something I am working on.


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