Fitness FAQ

My Top 5 FA(Fitness)Q

1. What do you like about working out?

A: I didn’t always. I reluctantly started for aesthetic purposes. Mainly because I wanted a bigger butt. (Haha) but after consistently putting in the work, and seeing the results, I got hooked. What I love most about fitness is the transformational opportunities we are ALL capable of. Mentally and physically. It has taught me discipline, and patience. It’s also a damn good stress reliever if you ask me.


2. What’s your favorite work out ?

A: Deadlifts!!!! I love all of the different variations but specifically I’ve been loving the Romanian Deadlift lately. I love that fact that they are easily manipulated with kettle bells, dumb bells, and even all different kinds of bars. Plus…Who doesn’t like a leg work out ?! Aside from that my favorite upper body work out has become push ups for some weird reason. You can do them everywhere… Even standing up. You can change your hand positions to target different muscle groups, and also add either a weighted vest or a plate on your back if you’re with a partner to make them more challenging.

3. What’s your least favorite work out ?

A: Cardio in general, man. Hate, hate, hate it. BUT. I’ve found some fun ways to keep it interesting. I get bored very easily, so things like long distance running?! Yawn x3. I’ve really gotten into boxing lately. It’s a fun way to burn some calories, get a nice sweat while also incorporating strength training. Those gloves get HEAVY after a few rounds. I’ve also taken up OUTDOOR cycling. Not big on stationary bikes but if I can get some nice scenery in there, I can ride for miles. Also, I try to incorporate some high intensity intervals in between strength training sets. I may do some jump lunges or some burpees depending on what I’m working on that day. Keep it fun and interesting.

4. How do you eat?

A: Like a fat kid. Honestly. I’m not into deprivation. What so ever. But, also, be realistic with yourself. I believe in moderation. You know your body and your metabolism better than anyone ever will. Don’t assume that just working out is going to allow you to eat donuts and pizza all day everyday and maintain a six pack. I’m not big on statistics because I feel like they’re always manipulated but what I do know is that eating is more important than working out. As a rule of thumb I try to avoid processed foods. Easier said than done. On top of that I’ve limited my sugar intake. Even harder for me because I don’t have a sweet tooth, all my teeth are sweet. I just try to keep things balanced. I don’t beat myself up if I decide to have a donut, I just make sure that the rest of the day I make an active effort to eat healthy. All in all, I try to eat colorfully, and fresh, and often !!

5. How do you find motivation?

A: Depends on the day, honestly. Sometimes it’s a song, or a picture. Other days it’s a particular activity I may be looking forward to.This is why it’s so important to keep it fun. Find things you enjoy doing that incorporate being active. Sometimes I may just need to blow off some steam, and other days I feel like I’m losing what I’ve worked hard to build. Also, the fact that I have learned to enjoy it has helped. I always suggest working with a trainer in the beginning to help push you and show you the correct techniques and posture. That within itself can be motivation enough. Sometimes it’s not about being motivated. Sometimes, it’s about having a goal and being disciplined enough to put in the work to achieve it, and that transitions across the board. After all, Rome was not built in a day.

Stay fit my friends!!!

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