Detox’n shoot

Amoungst great people. Alil behind the scenes action. By the way that detox was excruciating. The thumbs up was sarcasm. No offense Arden’s Garden, I’m just a closet fat girl. No food, no bueno. My stomach was growling all day. I went one day tho!! *flexes arm* no really. That’s huge. Continue reading “Detox’n shoot”

Hey Guys!! Sooooo, I’ve got some new things in store for you and I just wanted to give you a peek on what I’m working on. First off, I LOVE working with such great people. My model, Jennifer was ahhhmazing. I am so excited! In the mean time, here’s alil bit….





Makeup: Stephanie Choe @StephieChoe

Model: Jennifer @FrenchKiss4you

Credit: @CTRLATL  @Shine_ATL




Just a snippet from the shoot. Such an amazing collabo. We wanted to create a boudoir feel and I love the way it translated! I’m also using another look from this shoot for a project….I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU GUYS TO SEE!! *pelvic thrust x3*

Photographer: Paul McPherson (@BiggyPauls)

Hair & Make Up: Veronica Zapata (@Veronicahzapata)

Follow the Movement… @KeisyMyumi  @HausofBaus