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I had the opportunity to share my experience visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum as a contributing writer for a pretty cool travel blog. Geared more towards young travelers or just young at heart hipsters that crave a little culture in their life. Sure I could’ve chosen to write about a cool shopping district or about that one night I danced my heart out till 5 am, but I decided to share something more meaningful and personally sentimental. Defiantly one of the highlights of my trip to Japan.

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Hey Guys!! Sooooo, I’ve got some new things in store for you and I just wanted to give you a peek on what I’m working on. First off, I LOVE working with such great people. My model, Jennifer was ahhhmazing. I am so excited! In the mean time, here’s alil bit….





Makeup: Stephanie Choe @StephieChoe

Model: Jennifer @FrenchKiss4you

Credit: @CTRLATL  @Shine_ATL

Last weekend I helped coordinate an event that had a girls Retro Jordan Giveaway at an Atlanta sneaker boutique called The Man Cave. It’s a take on Flight Club, but also has a gigantic tv screen and lounge area for sporting events and booths where you can play video games aside from the high end sneaker consignment. So, if you’re ever in Atlanta looking for exclusive sneakers…check them out! Anywho…onto some pictures!


lol…caught being bossy 



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1335 Marietta Blvd NW Atlanta, Ga 30318


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