Revolving Doors


We often look at our shortcomings rather than our potential. Look at our past and yearn for what “was lost.” Why is it that we feel like “how things were” is better than “what things could be?” What we are used to is sometimes what we begin to expect. It’s so hard to let go of the familiar. Change in general is hard—for me at least. One thing I do know is that life most certainly does go on, and eventually things find a way of working themselves out. It isn’t the end until you are on your death bed. Looking back should be a reflection. What you’ve overcome, what you’ve learned, the experiences and memories you’ve made. Don’t look back if you’re hoping for things to be as they were. They’re not. They never will be. Our past is our past for a reason. Leave it there. Embrace what has yet to happen. Embrace the possibility.

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