K.Myumi takes Olmypia

When I travel, it’s a must for me to find a top notch gym. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you guys and say that it was love at first sight for me with gyms or even working out. I started going to the gym to gain weight, not because I loved gyms. Over time, my passion for fitness grew as did my appreciation for fitness equipment and gyms in general. Now, a nice gym to me is like a nice glass of wine. I am pretty particular about gyms, and also about my wine. (Pinot Noir is my favorite) I have been spending some time in Canada recently, so I needed to find a gym for when I’m there. I am very thankful to have found Olympia.

Here’s what I look for:


Equipment Selection: This gym is a mecca for Bodybuilding. Has a nice amount of targeted machines for each muscle group. Plenty of stuff to play around on and with for strength and weight training. With that being said, it’s not the most spacious for functional or performance training since there is A LOT of equipment in there; Depends what you’re looking for. This worked for me because I am able to workout various places depending on what I am working on that day, so for lifting days, this was EVERYTHING.

Equipment & Facility Condition & Maintenance: They keep it and the equipment in pretty good condition. There were a few machines that needed some love, but overall with the selection, there’s either an identical machine or it’s easy to modify-aka get distracted.

Workout Tools & Accessories, Additional Fitness Resources: I liked that they had a selection of foam rollers – the good kind, some balance equipment, and an area for stretching and free form workouts. Aside from that I wasn’t impressed with the accessories or tools aspect since they were pretty standard, no resistance bands (thank goodness I bring my own) TRX, or steps/boxes. (told you I was particular) A tad one dimensional.

Locker Room/Amenities: The locker room is clean and pretty standard as far as showers and blowdryers. Towels aren’t provided, and theres no sauna. There is however a full boxing room with a ring and several types of bags…..FUN!! I also appreciated the kitchen area, vending machines, and clothing and food/drink shop. Wifi is included which crucial when international.

Atmosphere/Ambiance: I am big on atmosphere. I am big on energy and how I feel. This is probably what I value most after equipment selection. I have to feel comfortable and inspired. I prefer less social environments for my gyms. The staff is really nice, but not overbearing. A lot of the people who go there clearly compete, and it’s always a blessing to be in environments that expand your knowledge and inspire growth and creativity. Always love seeing different workouts, learning new machines, learning and recreating workouts. Love to see people in their element of their craft and be amongst the proactive.


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