I love it when my friends come out to play! Time is so valuable and people go their whole lives trying to avoid wasting it…so I really really appreciate it when I get a chance to snag a few moments— especially for voluneteering.

I could ramble for days about how great I feel afterwards and how much helping others actually helps me. But. How boring. So I will leave it at, everyone is important. Everyone has a presence. No matter how big or small a good deed is, it is still a good deed. You never know how you’re impacting another life. The smallest thing could mean the world to another. It’s hard to remember that in the hustle and bustle, but sometimes it’s good to slow down. Had the pleasure of working with this amazing organization called MedShare. In lamest terms they send medical supplies that we as Americans waste to less fortunate countries. My group was able to send 428 boxes of gloves and gowns to countries in need. Aside from that we also prevented 5248 pounds of landfill. It’s so crazy to me how we use disposable gloves ONCE then discard. Sounds simple right ? Until you hear that there are countries that wash and reuse gloves we deem disposable over and over. I’m not bashing my country as I am PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN, but sometimes we overlook the simple luxuries our forefathers have afforded us. So, in closing, I urge you to do something nice for someone. I promise you’ll feel great afterwards, and so will they! 😉

P.s. I have no idea why tumblr keeps cropping my group picture. 🙁 sorry guys!! You know who you are! You are loved.

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