Stretch of the Day

Tight hips? Besides being uncomfortable, it can lead to back pain. When your flexors are tight you will have a tendency to lean forward while squatting. A forward lean will shift your center of gravity anteriorly and increase activation of your quadriceps while decreasing activation of your glutes. As a result, when you stand up your flexors are going to stay shortened, which will contribute to an anterior pelvic tilt and make it really difficult to adequately activate the posterior hip muscles. Basically, you need to stretch!!

Key Points for Stretching

Resistance band should be right below the cheek. Try to straighten out the back leg and allow your stabilizing knee to open up so you have a broader range of motion. Keep the shoulders back and the chest up. Tilt the hips forward while the leg on the ground pulls the band back. Leaning forward will give you a deeper stretch and also stretches the back and shoulders. Take your time in the stretch and breathe through the discomfort. Bring the hips back and repeat a few times.

Target Areas: Hip Flexors, Groin, Glutes

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