I’m absolutely enamored with how every single thing in the universe is connected in some way shape or form. Nothing is by mistake. Nothing is by coincidence. There is a reason and a lesson behind every encounter, every experience, every single thing. The exact reason may not even be meant to be known, but should always be appreciated. We are here because we all have a purpose. We all have some divine way to fit into this puzzle of a reality. And we are all meant to enjoy the little gifts of perspective we collect along the way. This view was meant to be seen at the exact moment I saw it. Not only did I feel overwhelmed by the beauty, but I also felt comforted by the sheer fact that it was perfectly aligned with what I needed to see at that very moment. I do not know my exact purpose. Sometimes it bothers me. Sometimes I’m presented with reminders that it’s okay that I don’t. Some are not meant to know where the finish line is, and some already do. But sure enough, just when I need it, I am reminded that instead of focusing on the final destination, you must enjoy the ride, and that puts my soul at ease. Don’t overlook blessings in disguise. They are everywhere.

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