Life is constantly blessing us with gifts. We just have to be aware enough to recognize them. This week I was given a gem. This year I’ve made an active effort to volunteer on a consistent basis. I have had the opportunity and pleasure to meet life changing people, an outlet to touch lives, and made memories that I will forever be grateful for. This week aside from giving out lunches as usual, we also gave out blankets. It really felt great to be able to have the opportunity to give the gift of warmth. Aside from that, some of us were able to go on the rooftop and see the shelter’s garden.

It was gorgeous. I absolutely loved being up there. The love that was put into growing the vegetables and the paintings that were up there were so beautiful. Inspirational quotes, colorful designs, Atlanta’s skyline and a full blown vegetable garden all in one place. A freakin mazing. Definitely a great memory for the Rolodex. Don’t forget to mentally snap shot the little things. I’m a huge believer that moments and memories are really what life’s about… Among other things of course. But the good moments? They’re everywhere. Stop and smell the roses… And remember it !

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