Leg & Glute Inspo

Leg & Glute exercises you may not be doing !! 🙂

1. Cling & Romanian Deadlift Combo
These are exhaustingly amazing. Technically they’re two different work outs but are effortlessly combined as shown. Eh, I take back effortlessly. Being that this is a compound movement, your whole body will reap the benefits. I did say exhausting right? But the good kind. Form is most important so I definitely suggest taking baby steps if you’re unfamiliar with the motion. Gotta start somewhere right? Start with the bar and work your way up to a comfortable, yet challenging weight. Plant those feet and focus that weight in your heels, maintain a flat/straight back and always keep your chest up. In life, but especially when performing this exercise to avoid injury. Safety first.

2. Deep Sumo Front Squat
Front squats are great because they don’t put as much pressure on your spine like the traditional behind the neck version. I also feel like they target that backside a little better, but that just may be me. I have found them to be a little more challenging so don’t be concerned if you’re not pushing as much weight as you can doing it the traditional way. I don’t know if I’m partial to anything sumo because I’m half Japanese or because I’m obsessed with leg and glute exercises, either way…I loves em. Sumo basically means that your feet are going to be wider than shoulder width apart with the toes pointing slightly outwards. Always always always push through your heels and drop it low, baby! The term is ass to grass!! I recommend doing these on a smith machine to take less pressure off your chest and collar bone, and I like to use a pad because yes, I’m a wuss.

3. Backwards Wide Squat Walk
I really do appreciate a easily manipulated exercise that can be done virtually anywhere. They basically sell themselves. Sometimes I put a resistance band around my ankles when I’m working out alone and you can also add ankle weights as well for that extra oomph. Mix it up! Here, I am pulling my trainer for added resistance because mama needs a new pair of buns. Spread those feet wide, get down low, and keep that chest up, and anticipate that burn!!

Sharing is caring, so try these out next time because who wants to always be doing the same thing ?! Stay fit my friends !!!

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