Negative energy is toxic. Mentally, physically, spiritually, and most importantly emotionally. Lately I have been taking more aggressive measures in removing, replacing, and protecting myself from it. Including but not limited to stepping back from non advantageous relationships that have the potential to be energetically draining. Filtering out the negative in turn invites and allows the flow of the positive. Aside from watching the company you keep, be aware of what you invest your energy and emotions into. Instead of letting trivial things escalade into serious issues, attack the iceberg one small chip at a time, as an artist carving a sculpture out of a huge block of material. Sometimes we as people allow things we have no control over to overwhelm us. Do what you can, and let the rest go.



Negative energy can also stem from within. Not trusting, loving, or appreciating oneself, or not being in tune with ones intuition. Sometimes, this is the one hardest to break apart from. I am learning more and more everyday how gut feelings are really more than just your mind over analyzing. We as humans have a sixth sense as far as knowing what’s right, and what’s wrong, and they’re called instincts. Trust them. Nothing in life is by coincidence either. We create and manage our lives whether we are in tune with it or in auto pilot. Every action, every encounter, every issue…has a purpose, a lesson, and is connected to the bigger picture. The more I allow myself to be aware and almost follow with my nose like I’m on a trail of the smell of fresh baked cookies, the closer I get to things that are fulfilling, experiences or encounters I have been yearning for, or a means to an end of what I have been needing-just the universe aligning itself. So I encourage you to just cut the negativity. Graduate from the people who no longer serve you. The relationships that don’t enable and inspire you to grow. Any situation you may be in that is not something that makes your soul smile. Stop questioning yourself. Allow yourself the time it is that is needed to handle all of the not so enjoyable things in front of you. Don’t let stress become an ever growing infection in your mind, body, and spirit. Allow positive vibes, only.

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