Building Curves

Living proof of the misconception most women have about lifting weights and incorporating strength training into their routines. There’s absolutely nothing masculine about my physique–and I lift HEAVY. In fact, lifting weights has CREATED curves in my case. Thank goodness I no longer look like a stick figure!! So for all you cardio queens that steer away from the weights because you think you’re going to bulk up, nothing happens over night!! It is pretty challenging to build muscle, and it most definitely takes time. The beautiful thing about it is that you can adjust your workouts based on your results…pretty great for the inner control freak in all of us.

Also, building lean muscle burns fat. So, yes, weightlifting is just as much of a fat burning work out as running on that tired treadmill–if not more. Step outside the box, get off that cardio equipment and change your routine!! Build some lean muscle and get that natural butt lift and tummy tuck!! You absolutely will see results if you stay consistent. Just be ready for the new addiction coming your way! 🙂tumblr_no7jri1WCb1rf9mamo1_400

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