Alter the Brain

I am constantly having to get my clothes altered. Its always difficult for me to find the “perfect fit” just off the rack-especially bottoms. Made me think. I’m sure plenty of people deal with the same dilemma. Is it realistic to even think that real people can fit into cookie cutter sizes? Things made for mass distribution come in precut sizes and we beat ourselves up because we don’t fit in that standard size like it’s advertised. When most of the time things are pinched in the back at shoots, or safety pinned, or even altered for runway shows and commercials. Just another example of false advertisement and brain washing the masses and promoting dysfunction. I have experienced first hand countless people stressing over the face value number or size of their clothing. For what?!


Yes. It’s frustrating to not be able to find your size, but we’re real people with real curves, real distinct differences. It’s pretty impossible to even believe that it’s always going to be easy to fit perfectly in a particular size every time, or even the next size up-or down. They’re just estimates. I say if you really love something and have trouble getting it to fit, buy a size up and get it tailored to fit you perfectly. If you don’t feel like spending that extra cash… Spandex always works. Lol. But really, never beat yourself up for not fitting into a particular category, size, or genre. Embrace your individuality and uniqueness. There’s always a solution, may just take some tweaking… Literally.

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